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Attendance Statement - A note for Parents/Carers

The Importance of Good Attendance

If children do not attend school regularly they will:
  • Experience difficulty in keepin gup with their learning
  • Miss out on a variety of activities
  • Not be fully prepared for any school tests
  • Find it difficult to keep their friendships.
At Uxendon Manor Primary School we expect our children to attend regularly and we will work with you, to ensure this is the case. We aim to ensure that our overall attendance rate is above 96% on a yearly basis and this can not be achieved unless we work in partnership with one another. 
Attendance rates and the different types of absences are tracked as follows:
School Level:
Individual pupils, whole school and different groups of learners
Local Authority Level:
Individual schools and comparisons between different schools
Government Level:
Individual schools and comparisons between different schools

School Procedures
Punctuality/Late Register
Attendance is regularly monitored at school. Parents/carers will be required to sign a late register if the child arrives late to school. The school will send a letter home if your child is late three times. Regular late attendance will result in a meeting with the Deputy Head teacher and possibly the Headteacher if there is no improvement.

Unauthorised Absence
If you know your child is going to be absent from school, for example for a medical or dental appointment, you should inform the school office in advance. Please note the School day finishes at 3.10pm for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, and 3:20pm for Years 3-6, therefore, you are advised to book appointments out of School hours or during the school holidays.

If your child is absent from school you must notify the school office by 9.15 a.m. on each day of absence, informing us of the reason. For all absences a signed note, stating the reason for absence, must be brought to the school office by the first day of your child returning to school. This type of absence is authorised absence.

Parents/carers who are not able to bring their child to school due to personal circumstances, such as illness, will need to make alternative arrangements for dropping off and collecting their children where ever possible. This type of absence will be recorded as unauthorised, unless you have exceptional circumstances.

Permission for Exceptional Leave
Permission for exceptional leave/special leave can only be given under VERY special circumstances. Special leave requests need to be submitted to the Headteacher in writing PRIOR to making any arrangements. Forms can be obtained from the school office and a decision will be given in writing, as to if this is recorded as authorised or unauthorised absence. HOLIDAYS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN DURING TERM TIME.
Unauthorised Absence is always logged and could result in more formal proceedings being taken and/or meetings with our Deputy Head teacher and an external professional i.e. Educational welfare Officer.
It is only a few days!
An attendance rate of 90% or above sounds impressive over the year, however, it actually means that your child only attends school 4.5 days out of every 5 days. If this continues up to the end of secondary school, they will have missed half a school year! How do you think that will eventually impact on their exam results and their life chances?

The school celebrates achievements in attendance rates with the pupils on a regular basis.
Attendance Table
Helping your child to attend school
Can my child attend school?
  • Make sure they learn to put their hand over their mouth when they cough or sneeze
  • Encourage them to wash their hands regularly
  • Encourage them to dispose of any used tissues hygienically – put them in a bin or down the toilet
  • Make sure they eat a healthy diet
  • You can give them different medicines to help clear a nose or soothe a sore throat
Yes - your child can attend school providing they do not have a high temperature or any other symptoms i.e. severe muscle cramps, high temperature, rash.
Let your class teacher or a member of staff know that they are not feeling very well.
  • Cool drinks to soothe the throat
  • Take medicine to help soothe the cough
Yes - your child can attend school, but make sure they see a doctor if the cough worsens or has difficulty with breathing.
If the cough does not clear up after 6 weeks see a doctor.
Earache, Migraine and Headaches
  • Your child may be sensitive to certain foods – talk to your GP or Nurse
  • Do not allow your children to spend too much time straining their eyes i.e. too much television or computer work
  • Take them for an eye sight test if they have not had not one for a while
  • Get some medication from the chemist
Yes - your child can attend school, but do let your class teacher know who will keep a close eye on their progress.
Stomach Ache
  • Encourage your child not to miss their meals and to eat regularly
  • Do allow them to eat too much of anything, especially things like sweets
  • Do things that will relax your child, as stomach aches can be caused by them feeling tired or could be an indication that there is something worrying them
Yes - if you know what is causing your child’s tummy ache and they have no other symptoms and have seen a doctor or nurse.
ALWAYS refer to a doctor if their stomach hurts in one specific place.

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