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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

School History

In May 2012 Uxendon Manor Primary School celebrated its 75th Anniversary. In October 2014, it had 510 pupils.

The school first opened on May 24th 1937 with 329 children. The school was built to accommodate the large number of children resulting from the expansion of housing in the 1930s. Most of the children originally came from Kenton Council School. The class sizes were much bigger than class sizes today with between 40 and 50 children in each of the seven classes.

The first head was Miss Joyce James who died in 1948. The subsequent heads were: Mr Macdonald (January 1949-April 1968); Mr Hilliard (April 1968-April 1979); Mrs Ashe (April 1979-1989); Miss Kathy Hooper (1990-2009); Mr Jon Parry (2009- present).
One of the first teachers was Mrs Inkpen who taught at the school through the war years. Miss Creek taught in the school for 32 years from 1945 to July 1977. She overlapped with Mrs K. Voigt and Mr J. Woodfield who joined the school in September 1975 and January 1976 respectively. Mr Woodfield left in 2007 and Mrs Voigt left in 2009.

You can visit our archived school web site which ran from 2000-2010 at:
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