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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

How Parents can get involved

Parents are a major influence in children's lives.They are a child's first educator. Research has shown that where school staff and Parents work together with the children, this has a long lasting impact on the child's education.


At Uxendon Manor, we believe very strongly in working with our families in our community. Therefore, we are continuously adding to the opportunities available for all parents to be involved in our school and with your children. See also Parental Engagement section.


Below are a number of ways you can be involved. Please see Mrs Bhanderi for more information if you are interested.


Volunteers at Uxendon Manor


We welcome volunteers to help throughout the school. They commit to two to three days a week to help with tasks such as individual reading, small group work with children with direction from teacher and general help in the classroom.


If you are interested please see Mrs Vekaria or Mrs Bhanderi

Family Learning - Parents join children in school time. Mrs Bhanderi leads these sessions and gives ideas, strategies and activities to promote language, vocabulary, reading, writing and Maths at home. These are fun filled sessions held in Spring term.


Curriculum workshops

Each year group has a curriculum workshop in the school hall in Autumn 1 when the children begin a new year group. These are very well attended by Parents.


Reception Parent workshops - These are held after school throughout Autumn term and Spring term. 

These include; Early Years Curriculum and Assessment, Phonics workshops, helping children to read at home, helping children to write and helping children with Maths. These workshops aim to give an insight to the Early Years curriculum and how Parents can consolidate learning at home so that children are fully supported to achieve their best.


ParentGym - These are workshops to support Parents with tips, guidance and strategies on common family issues and dealing with them effectively to ensure maintaining a strong family unit. Aspects covered are active communication (listening and talking to young children, looking out for signs of worry), sibling rivalry, keeping healthy minds as well as bodies, establishing and maintaining routines such as homework and bedtimes, mealtimes and giving children independence as well as boundaries. 

These sessions have been well attended and Parent feedback indicates that all Parents have found the techniques and ideas helpful for their children. See Parent comments in Parental engagement section. They are usually held in Spring or Summer term.

Parent Helpers: If you are available and would like to make a difference to the children as well as see what happens in Nursery and Reception, please come and help us. We have regular Parent volunteers who help children with reading and play with the children. We will show you what to do and explain how you can help us in Early Years. We currently have 5 parents helpers.

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