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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

Ocean workshops for Parents

We have additional Parent workshops for targeted children in Spring term to boost attainment in Early Literacy and Early Maths named Ocean Literacy and Ocean Maths.

These are a series of bespoke workshops where Parents are shown how they can help their children at home. The strategies and methods we use are modelled to the Parents with an emphasis on what the Parents and Carers can do and how this will help the children to accelerate their learning.

Learning is accelerated through working closely with families and providing the resources for the children to achieve this. Where Parents are unable to attend these workshops, parents are contacted individually and shown the same strategies.

This enables close home and school links and supports building a stronger family unit. We also encourage parents to support each other to build parent networking within the school by introducing isolated families to each other and other parents. This helps to build stronger communities. We have found that this causes a 'ripple effect', whereby more and more parents commit to supporting new vulnerable parents, hence the programme being called ocean workshops.


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