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Reception July 2021 Sports day

Reception Sports Day 2021

Reception Autumn 1 2020

Remember to log onto the below website as part of your weekly learning:


Weekly learning will be set every Friday and must be submitted by the following Wednesday Please submit your work to your class teacher via your class e-mail address. 


 Amber, Sapphire and Ruby Classes


Early Years Leader: Mrs Bhanderi

"Leadership of the early years is particularly strong!"

(Ofsted, 2017) 


Amber Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Petrova

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Shah


Sapphire Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Bhanderi and Mrs Phoplankar (Mrs Nauf) 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rana 


Ruby Class

Class Teachers: Mrs Sauciuc

Teaching Assistant: Ms Mo

A warm welcome to the parents and carers of our

Reception children.


Your child will probably tell you “I didn’t do any work today. I just played!” However, we ensure that their play is carefully planned in order to help them learn and make progress.

"An increased proportion of children are making good progress, which has helped to close the achievement gap. At the end of the Reception year, 72% of children achieved a good level of development which is above both Local and National figures" (Ofsted, 2017)


During our journey through the Reception year we really appreciate all the help and support we receive from parents by working together to help and encourage your child to develop and build new skills. 

"Good information is provided for parents to help them take an active role in their children's learning" (Ofsted, 2017)


Thank you for taking part in your child’s learning journey, not just at home but in their every day school life! 

"Very effective work with parents has also strengthened the link between school and home...Parents are involved in the planning of topics and themes taught in early years!" (Ofsted, 2017)




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