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Pupil Voice

This is what our pupils say about French:


Do you enjoy learning French in school?

" Yes, I really do.  It's a good language.  It's going to be my passion."  Hafiz Year 3


"I'm enjoying it.  Learning conversations is fun." Eduard Year 6


" Yes, it's a good language to learn, especially for holidays."  

   Karly  Year 5


What have you enjoyed most in French this year?

"I've enjoyed learning about food.  I know how to ask for food in French."  Sana Year 3


"I've enjoyed learning how to ask for different flavoured ice cream!"

Abbas Year 6


"I enjoyed learning about the planets in French; some of the planet names are similar to English" Roni  Year 5


How confident do you feel with French?

"I am a bit confident with understanding French, confident speaking it and a little confident writing in French." Om Year 3


" I feel pretty confident  with French and understand when  Mr G. is speaking French most of the time."  Safa Year 5


"Well I am very confident with French." Gillian Year 6