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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

How We Teach Music

At Uxendon Manor, we are passionate about teaching music and giving children the opportunity to listen to, compose and learn about various styles of music throughout their Uxendon lives.


We teach music in conjunction with Brent Music Service using the 'Music's Cool' programme.


All children are taught by the Brent Music Service specialist teachers once a week for 30 minutes that is then followed on by a practise 30 minute practise session taught by their class teacher.


Throughout the years, children are able to learn about and explore the practical uses of the recorder, 'Tamboo Bamboo', ukulele, body percussion as well as being able to challenge their voices.


All children are taught to use instruments correctly as well as the opportunity to learn technical vocabulary, reading scores and how to compose their own music.


Music is a very important part of our curriculum and the children here value the experiences that they gain through their lessons.


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